Useful External Weather & Other Website Links

Please note that I try to keep up to date with any changes and I also check the links on a fairly regular basis to ensure that they are all still working. If not, then I just delete them (or try to add replacement ones!)

This page is divided into various headed sections. The first two are concerned with severe weather warnings & these take priority!



Section 1: Cornwall Personal Weather Stations (Live Weather Feeds)

Section 2: Rainfall Radar

Section 3: Lightning

Section 4) Satellite Images

Section 5: Latest U.K. Weather

Section 6: Wind

Section 7: Sea Surface Temperature (SST)

Section 8: Latest Forecast Charts

Section 9: Surfing

Section 10: Latest Live U.K. & International (Including Forecast) Weather

Section 11: Aviation Latest METARS & TAFS – Worldwide

Section 12: United States Weather (Latest)

Section 13: U.S. & Pacific Hurricanes

Section 14: Worldwide Weather (U.S.A. & More Extensive Links)

Section 15: Beaufort Force (Wind)

Section 16: Ant Veal’s Great Weather Website

Section 17: Extensive Data From Our Stithians Weather Station (Stithians Parish Council Website)

Section 18: Miscellaneous: Meteorological Office Data

Section 19: U.K. Earthquakes & Earth tremors

Section 20: Space Weather

Section 21: Suppliers Of Meteorological Instruments & Systems

Section 22: Miscellaneous (Other): Aircraft Tracking, Aircraft & Tower Live Feeds, Aircraft Traffic Control & Military Aircraft Videos

Section 23: Military Aircraft Videos

Section 24: International Space Station (ISS) ‘Live’ Position

Section 25: International Space Station (ISS) ‘Live Feed’

Section 26: Professional Weather Services

1: CORNWALL PERSONAL WEATHER STATIONS (LIVE FEEDS) Carnkie Weather Station (Live feed & historical data). Newquay Weather Station (Live feed & historical data). Pool, Redruth Weather Station (Live feed & historical data). Falmouth Weather Station (Live feed). Lands End Weather Station (Live feed).

Other Cornwall Weather Stations: National Coastwatch Institute Lookouts, Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Met. Office stations. Rame Head N.C.I. Lookout (Live feed). Run by Plymouth Marine Laboratory as a scientific research station and situated close to Rame Head at Penlee Point, their Oceanographic information includes WCO Mooring Buoys, Satellite Data ( Sea Surface Temperature & Ocean colour data), Ecosystem modelling, Bethnic Survey, Marine Values ? and an Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory (Atmospheric gases & Air Temperature & Dew Point values), as well a live webcam. Much of the data is ‘live feed’ or is constantly updated on a daily basis. Camborne (03808) Weather Station. This is the Met. Office Upper air/CRDF station at Kehelland. Hourly data is available for the current day, as well as the previous 4 days. Data includes wind dir/spd & gusts, air temp. & M.S.L air pressure as standard. Culdrose (03809) Weather Station. This is the Met. Office Automatic weather station at R.N.A.S. Culdrose which is located on the Lizard peninsula. Data includes Wind Dir/Spd, (M.P.H.), Sea Level Pressure (Mb) & Air Temperature (C) on an hourly basis over a 24 hour period. Newquay Airport Weather Station. These are the latest hourly reports of data including Temperatures, Wind Speed, Pressure, Relative Humidity & Clouds. (Includes links to other S.W. region weather stations) Please note that not all 24 hours observations are available.

Live U.K, Ireland & European Weather:

2: RAINFALL RADAR: Updated every 5 minutes, this high resolution U.K. & Ireland rainfall radar is fully zoomable (to 500m) and is fully colour coded for rainfall intensity. Metcheck UK 15 Minute Rain Radar. (Similar to above, but with a 15 minute animation as standard). U.K. Rainfall Radar (5 min. interval images)

3: LIGHTNING: Live lightning (sferics) locations: Europe, including the U.K. & Ireland etc.

4: SATELLITE IMAGES: U.K. Latest Visible High Resolution Satellite (Images are updated every hour & only display during daylight hours with animation as standard.) U.K. Latest Satellite – updated every 15 minutes (The images are Infra-red and are derived from U.K. Meteosat satellite images with animation as standard). U.K. Satellite Image (15 min. intervals) Near real-time high resolution Satellite Images (colour images). Northern Hemisphere including U.K., Europe, Greenland, Iceland, Russia, Middle-East & North Africa, U.S.A. & Canada etc, etc. Includes a zoom function and current date/time (G.M.T.) This is a really good website to see exactly what is happening in fantastic detail, in near real-time! (and especially good when looking for hurricanes!)

5: LATEST U.K. WEATHER: U.K. Surface Latest Observations (hover mouse over ‘arrow’ to see the station data) for Temperature, Weather, Visibility & Pressure. Also includes Forecast Maps, Overview & Animation.

6: WIND: Take a look at the latest wind field (Kt) across your area.

7: SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE (SST): Current sea temperature in Cornwall, (as well as the S.S.T.’s for the remainder of the British Isles, Ireland, N.W. Europe and S.W. Scandinavia). Metcheck Global Sea Surface Temperatures. National Data Buoy Center: Need to get a ‘Surface Sea Temperature’ (or ‘SST’) – take a look at this link & then hone in to your own position!


U.K. Surface Pressure Analysis & Forecast Charts +12hrs up to +120hrs:

9: SURFING: Intended mostly for the surfing community, this handy site includes Forecasts, Webcams, Charts (U.K. & Worldwide), Features, Photos, Live Data (click on the ‘blue dot’ to check these out. Clicking on the ‘live data’ will get the latest feed) and Store.

10: LATEST LIVE U.K. & INTERNATIONAL (INCLUDING FORECAST) WEATHER: General latest U.K. & Worldwide weather, including forums and discussions. A whole load of interesting sections! Gloucestershire Weather & Forecast Centre UK Crondall, Surrey, U.K. Live feed as well as live U.K. & International weather, Hurricane tracker, Earthquake tracker, Flight tracker & Shipping traffic tracker (and more!). This is a really good ‘all-round’ site – if you’re interested in something – it’s generally on here! A very large of weather and/or related subjects including Analysis charts, Forecast charts, Miscellaneous, etc, etc. GFS Forecasts: (Chart viewer up to +384hrs ahead) Including much of the Northern Hemisphere (from Eastern U.S.A. to Eastern Russia and from far northern Polar regions to northern parts of Africa).

11: AVIATION LATEST METARS & TAFS – WORLDWIDE: Weather observations & forecasts of more than 4000 airports (METAR & TAF reports – Meteorological Terminal Air Reports & Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts)

12: UNITED STATES WEATHER (LATEST): United States National Weather Service. (This is a NOAA website – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) It includes rainfall radar, satellite pictures, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc, etc. All U.S. States are included. (Please click the links at the foot of the page to find out more!)

13: U.S. & PACIFIC HURRICANES: National Hurricane Center (National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center). (N.O.A.A.) Latest information, tracking, advisories & warnings about Hurricanes.

14: WORLDWIDE WEATHER: (U.S.A. + MORE EXTENSIVE LINKS): (Previously ‘Weather Underground)

This is a site which was originally centred on the U.S. but also has links with ‘live’ weather stations all over the world. Again, as with the National Weather Service, they can also link into ‘severe weather’ right across the U.S. AccuWeather provides the latest worldwide weather including Radar, Maps & Severe Weather information. World Weather Information Service. This is the website run by the World Meteorological Organisation. Accurate and updated information directly supplied by official & fully registered Meteorological Services worldwide.

Other useful Weather links:

15: BEAUFORT FORCE (WIND): Beaufort Wind Scale (Knots only – land and sea effects). Developed in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort, U.K. Royal Navy The Beaufort Scale (Royal Meteorological Society) (Km/hr, M.P.H. & Knots – Land effects only)

16: ANT VEAL’S GREAT WEATHER WEBSITE: Ant Veal’s Great Weather website, with a vast array of weather and weather related website links. Subjects covered include: Current Weather, Forecasts, Charts, Satellite & Radar, Webcams, Climate Stations (including Amateur stations), Instrumentation, Organisations, Jobs & Other.


This includes all means and totals of our data from 2018 onwards, including extra information (on a monthly basis) about the General Synoptic Situation and also, the position of the main Atlantic Jet Stream in relation to the British Isles. Please refer back to this page as it will hopefully continue to show this information well into the future!

18: MISCELLANEOUS: UK actual and anomaly maps. These are Met. Office maps of climate variables for previous months, seasons and years.

19: U.K. EARTHQUAKES & EARTH TREMORS: U.K. Earthquakes & Earth Tremors. Real Time U.K. Seismograms. Please select ‘Carnmenellis CCA1’ from the (Station) drop-down menu (second bottom from the list!) to see if we have had an Earth Tremor, or even an Earthquake in Cornwall! This is a very useful ‘Live Feed’ seismogram!

20: SPACE WEATHER: Sunspots (too many or a complete lack of them?) and Coronal Mass Ejections (C.M.E.’s) etc, etc. Find out on this site! The very latest 8 SOHO images of the solar disk.

21: SUPPLIERS OF METEOROLOGICAL INSTRUMENTATION & SYSTEMS: A whole assortment of weather instrumentation including rainfall, thermometry, wind instruments etc, etc. Very similar equipment and services to Metcheck above. Run from the same address as Metcheck. (Sudbury, Suffolk). This U.S. Company ships a variety of meteorological equipment all over the World, including the U.K. This is the largest Davis Weather Station supplier in the U.K. They also supply a range of other weather monitoring instrumentation. Another U.K. seller of quality weather stations and equipment. Many of these are increasingly digital in nature. This is Prodata Weather Systems, who also sells Davis systems, as well as a lot of other meteorological instrumentation. This is the main Davis Instruments weather monitoring instrumentation website.

This is the famous (over 100 years old!) weather instrument manufacturer that originally was involved mainly in producing high quality (standard) wind direction/velocity and atmospheric pressure measuring instruments. These (as originally was Casella & Negretti & Zambra also!) produced a lot of instruments which were installed in so many installations very many years ago. These included (Air Ministry and latterly the Meteorological Office stations) at R.A.F. aerodromes, Royal Naval Air Stations and also at Civilian Airports & private Aero/Flying Clubs, as well as at Kew Gardens, Greenwich Observatory and many more ‘Government’ run buildings and organisations.

Also included in this ‘early’ list was a firm called Negretti & Zambra. This Company was also a great manufacturer and supplier of high quality meteorological observing and recording instruments. They ceased to exist in the late 1990’s but their instruments can still be found on ‘Auction’ sites and in the general ‘second-hand’ market. This is an International database of meteorological manufacturing companies. (N.B. There is no absolute guarantee that all of these are still in active operation!)

22: MISCELLANEOUS (OTHER): AIRCRAFT TRACKING, AIRCRAFT & TOWER LIVE FEEDS, AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL: What is that airliner that’s just flown over? Keep an eye on current air traffic operating right across the U.K. (Fully ‘zoomable’). (Lately, I have also noticed that a lot more military air traffic is being picked up on here as well – very useful to a ‘military’ aircraft enthusiast such as myself!). Very similar to! A bit more complicated and detailed. Military air traffic also included (if they have their transponder switched on!) (Airnav Radar Box) – Live flight Tracker & Airport Status. Very similar to &! Worldwide coverage of most flights (including many military). Zoom in (+) at the right foot of the page to ‘hone down’ into the U.K.’ Listen live! Tower to aircraft & vice-versa. More than 50 live feeds from various Countries. ‘Live Air Traffic – From Their Headsets To You’. : More aviation audio feeds! National Air Traffic Services (NATS) Air Traffic Control

23: MILITARY AIRCRAFT VIDEOS: Do you remember? We must never ever forget these heroes! Sea King 771 Squadron (Rescue 192 & Rescue 193) – The End of an Era Documentary. 771 Sea King take off from Plymouth (XV647) (28). Unfortunately, we will never ever again see these iconic Sea Kings in action, but at least they have preserved one on the left hand approach (just inside the barrier) to R.N.A.S. Culdrose!

Do you (as in my case!) love F-15E Strike Eagles? If so, please check out these videos! RAF Lakenheath F-15E Night Ops 8x F-15E Strike Eagle afterburner Scramble (RAF Lakenheath) Full HD & Great sound. F-15 – Incredible low level flying and maneuverability! Incredible unrestricted take off F15 fighter jet RAF Mildenhall 28 Oct 2016 3.21PM.

24: INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) ‘LIVE’ POSITION: Real-Time Location Tracking of the International Space Station

25: INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) ‘LIVE FEED’: International Space Station on UStream (with links to other streams included!)

26: PROFESSIONAL WEATHER SERVICES: Services to Insurance, Construction, Legal, Data Services, Forecasting & Ireland Services. Talk to their Meteorologists on 0906 1100445 from 7AM-11PM, 7 days a week. Calls cost £1.50p per minute, plus network extras. Typical call: 2 minutes. (We send regular weekly Meteorological data directly to Weathernet!) The U.K.’s Longest Established Independent Meteorological Company. (A brilliant Company that I used to work for!)