Historical Miscellaneous Data

28/04/2022: U.K. Meteorological Station Index Numbers: stithiansweather.co.uk/u-k-meteorological-station-index-numbers/

19/04/2022: European/Meditteranean Maximum Temperatures: Page 1 (Originally supplied by British Weather Services in Approx. 1997) stithiansweather.co.uk/european-meditteranean-maximum-temperatures-page-1/

19/04/2022: European/Meditteranean Maximum Temperatures: Page 2 stithiansweather.co.uk/european-meditteranean-maximum-temperatures-page-2/ (Originally supplied by British Weather Services in Approx. 1997)

19/04/2022: ICAO Location Indicators: Met Office METFAX (Approx. 1997) stithiansweather.co.uk/icao-location-indicators-met-office-metfax-approx-1997/

27/03/2022: British Isles & Ireland Meteorological Reporting Station Index Numbers: stithiansweather.co.uk/british-isles-ireland-meteorological-reporting-station-index-numbers/

27/03/2022: Great Britain Shipping Forecast Sea Areas: stithiansweather.co.uk/great-britain-shipping-forecast-sea-areas/

27/03/2022: Present Weather Plotting Symbols: stithiansweather.co.uk/present-weather-plotting-symbols/

22/01/2022: I.C.A.O. Location Indicators (U.K. & European). These are used by radio stations such as Shannon Aeradio/Shannon Volmet (in the correct order), West Drayton & London Volmet (South). Examples of these may be found on ‘Historical Synoptic Charts & Met Reports (3)’ stithiansweather.co.uk/i-c-a-o-airport-location-indicators-u-k-european/

01/01/2022: rmets.org/sites/default/files/hist01.pdf This is a really good article from the Royal Meteorological Society regarding ‘The Meteorological Forecasting Office at Heathrow’


Low Track: Sat 27th February to Mon 01st March, 2010: stithiansweather.co.uk/low-track-sat-27th-february-to-mon-01st-march-2010/


27 March, 2004: Category 1 Hurricane heading for Santa Catarina in Brazil

02nd-25th September, 2004: Category 5 Hurricane ‘Ivan’ affected many States including Granada, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cayman, Gulf of Mexico, Pensacola/Milton (Florida) & Alabama.


1993: Laurieston, Dumfries & Galloway weather summary (faded fax) – Weather Watchers. (I had the pleasure of travelling up to Laurieston in 1990 to meet all of the lovely staff at this Weather Centre – and they made me very welcome!) stithiansweather.co.uk/1993-weather-summary-for-laurieston-dumfries-galloway/

1993: Somerset area – Rainfall: December 1993: (faded fax) stithiansweather.co.uk/1993-somerset-area-rainfall-december-1993/

Table To Work Out Dew Points From Air Temperature & Relative Humidity Values: The ‘Dew point’ refers to the temperature that a given parcel of air rises up to reach the level of ‘saturation’ (or condensation). There are 2 separate levels of ‘Saturation’ of a given air parcel. The first is the ‘DALR’ or ‘Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate’ & the second is the ‘SALR’ or the ‘Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate’ (both of these are dependent upon the atmospheric pressure that is occurring at the time). The ‘DALR’ is about 1C per 1000ft in height & the ‘SALR’ is about 0.5C, (or less), per 1000ft. These values are very important in working out the cloud base of the lowest cloud in any observation (very important for ‘air operations’ at either a military aerodrome or a civil airport!). Please note that ‘Dry’ is more unstable resulting in a greater lapse rate and therefore more of a chance of ‘showers’ and ‘thunderstorms’. Saturated is ‘stable’ with a much lesser lapse rate and more of a chance of rain, drizzle, overcast skies &/or a stratocumulus or stratus overcast! Please refer also to an ‘Upper Air’ Tephigram, which, by a trace, shows the decrease of air temperature with height! (Our nearest ‘Upper Air’ station is at Kehelland, Camborne in Cornwall) stithiansweather.co.uk/table-to-work-out-dew-points-from-air-temperature-relative-humidity-values/


December 1992: Selected European Stations Data: stithiansweather.co.uk/december-1992-selected-european-stations-data/


West Somerset Rainfall: April & May 1991 (Page 1): stithiansweather.co.uk/west-somerset-rainfall-april-may-1991-page-1-2/

West Somerset Rainfall: April & May 1991 (Page 2): stithiansweather.co.uk/west-somerset-rainfall-april-may-1991-page2/


West Somerset Rainfall & Temperatures: November & December, 1990. stithiansweather.co.uk/west-somerset-rainfall-temperatures-november-december-1990/


Maximum Temperatures: 4 U.K. Meteorological Stations: September & October 1978: stithiansweather.co.uk/september-october-1978-maximum-temperatures-4-u-k-meteorological-stations/


stithiansweather.co.uk/19-23-november-1977-india-typhoons/ Indian Typhoons between 19th & 23rd November, 1977.


February 9th, 1974: Trawler ‘Gaul’ lost without trace. The last radio message was received at 11.09 A.M. between Bear Island and the Soviet coast.

April 3rd, 1974: 4 P.M. Xenia, Ohio a town of 27,000 people hit by a devastating tornado which lasted two and a half minutes. Wright Patterson Air Force Base, 11 miles to north reported rapidly moving tornadic activity mid-afternoon.

September 14th-17th, 1974: Hurricane ‘Fifi’ formed S.E. of Puerto Rico on September 14th. September 16th: named ‘Fifi’. September 17th: 80 M.P.H. winds in the centre & 250 miles circumference moves westwards bringing heavy rainfall & loss of life in the Gulf of Mexico.


stithiansweather.co.uk/03-15-january-1972-indian-ocean-cyclone-australia-cyclones-bronwyn-althea-etc/ Indian Ocean & Australian Cyclones between 03rd & 15th January, 1972.

stithiansweather.co.uk/17-19-february-1972-rodrigues-cyclone-fabienne-mauritius-cyclone-dolly/ Rodrigues Cyclone ‘Fabienne’ & Mauritius Cyclone ‘Dolly’ between 17th & 19th February, 1972.

stithiansweather.co.uk/12-13-march-1972-lima-peru-flooding/ Lima, Peru Flooding between 12th & 13th March, 1972.

stithiansweather.co.uk/05-14-april-1972-australia-cyclones-emily-faith-gail/ Australia: Cyclones ‘Emily’, ‘Faith’ & ‘Gail’ between 05th & 14th April, 1972.

stithiansweather.co.uk/06-april-1972-illinois-u-s-a-tornadoes-windstorms/ Illinois, U.S.A. Tornadoes & Windstorms on 06th April, 1972.


stithiansweather.co.uk/13-march-1971-peru-floods-landslides/ Peru: Floods & Landslides on 13th March, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/31-march-1971-brisbane-typhoon-emily/ Brisbane, Australia: Typhoon ‘Emily’ on 31st March, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/01-april-1971-tokyo–japan-storms/ Tokyo, Japan: Storms on 01st April, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/22-26-july-1971-manila-hong-kong-tokyo-typhoon-lucy/ Manila, Hong Kong & Tokyo: Typhoon ‘Lucy’ between 22nd & 26th July, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/22-23-july-1971-hong-kong-typhoons-lucy-nadine/ Hong Kong: Typhoons ‘Lucy’ & ‘Nadine’ between 22nd & 23rd July, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/23-26-july-1971-typhoon-nadine/ Typhoon ‘Nadine’ between 23rd & 26th July, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/27-july-1971-seoul-south-korea-floods-thunderstorms/ Seoul, South Korea: Floods & Thunderstorms on 27th July, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/30-31-july-1971-afghanistan-ethiopia-iran-floods-storms/ Afghanistan, Ethiopia & Iran: Floods & Storms between 30th & 31st July, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/02-04-august-1971-pakistan-typhoon-olive-north-india-floods-france-thunderstorms/ Pakistan: Typhoon ‘Olive’, North India: Floods & France: Thunderstorms between 02nd & 04th August, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/07-08-september-1971-india-floods-hong-kong-typhoon-rose-tokyo-typhoon-virginia/ India: Floods, Hong Kong: Typhoon ‘Rose’ & Tokyo: Typhoon ‘Virginia’ between 07th & 08th September, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/23-25-september-1971-ceylon-colombo-barcelona-floods/ Ceylon, Colombo & Barcelona: Floods between 23rd & 25th September, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/23-27-september-1971-miami-florida-hurricane-ginger/ Miami, Florida: Hurricane ‘Ginger’ between 23rd & 27th September, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/24-september-1971-tropical-depression/ Tropical Depression on 24th September, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/26-september-1971-tokyo-japan-typhoon-carmen/ Tokyo, Japan: Typhoon ‘Carmen’ on 26th September, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/01-22-october-1971-various-typhoons-miscellaneous/ Various Typhoons & Miscellaneous between 01st & 22nd October, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/02-08-november-1971-norway-orkney-stormy-weather/ Norway & Orkney: Stormy Weather between 02nd & 08th November, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/16-november-1971-typhoon-irma/ Typhoon ‘Irma’ on 16th November, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/16-18-november-1971-hurricane-laura/ Hurricane ‘Laura’ between 16th & 18th November, 1971.

stithiansweather.co.uk/17-18-december-1971-madagascar-cyclone-agnes-virginia-north-carolina-hurricane-force-winds/ Madagascar: Cyclone ‘Agnes’, Virginia & North Carolina: Hurricane Force Winds between 17th & 18th December, 1971.


stithiansweather.co.uk/1970-sussex-sunshine-hours-2/ 1970: Sussex Sunshine (Hours) NOTES: First Station: (non-standard) Jordan sunshine recorder & the 3 remaining stations: (standard) Campbell Stokes sunshine recorders. This is a transcription from an original very old document!


stithiansweather.co.uk/17-august-1969-u-s-a-hurricane-camille/ U.S.A: Hurricane ‘Camille’ on 17th August, 1969.


18th March, 1967: ‘Torrey Canyon’ (Liberian registered) oil tanker, with 119,000 tons of oil on board, became stuck on the Pollard Rock (between Lands End & the Isles of Scilly) Then, 10 days later, military aircraft including R.N.A.S. Blackburn Buccaneers (from R.N.A.S. Lossiemouth & R.N.A.S. Brawdy) & De Havilland Sea Vixens (from R.N.A.S. Yeovilton) as well as R.A.F. Hawker Hunters (from R.A.F. Chivenor & R.A.F. West Raynham) began attacking the wreck using 42x 1000lb bombs, rockets, napalm & aviation kerosene to try to break it’s back, sink it & to burn off the oil. This was the biggest ecological & environmental disaster to ever affect the British Isles.


18th December, 1965: Devon: After several days of persistent rain previously, on 18th December, the River Exe at Tiverton burst it’s banks and flooded the area, including many homes that were not insured.

1962/63 Winter: The worst of the winter occurred between 6th January & 11th March, 1963. (The equivalent of 7 (Feb/Mar 2018) ‘beasts from the east’. 120 people were killed and half of all wild birds in the U.K. died. The winter lasted about 10 weeks and had temperatures down to -22C. It was the coldest winter for more than 200 years. In the South West there were 20ft high snowdrifts & Princetown on Dartmoor was cut off for 2 days. At times there were 90 M.P.H. winds. 24th December, 1962: Northerly winds giving Glasgow it’s first white Christmas since 1938. 26th December, 1962: The whole Country was blanketed in snow. 28th-30th December, 1962: Worst blizzards for 15 years.


17th May, 1955: Southern Counties of England had up to 2″ of snow.

1951: Falmouth Meteorological Notes – Extreme Readings Recorded at Falmouth Observatory since 1871. stithiansweather.co.uk/1951-falmouth-meteorological-notes/

1940: A storm blew down and destroyed the Tahomea Bridge in the U.S.A


23rd January, 1939: St. Ives lifeboat lost in a fierce N.W. gale and in mountainous seas. Almost all hands lost. Also a 3,000 ton coaster lost.


17th May, 1935: With late snowfall, Devon & Cornwall “looked like Christmas”


November 1929: Cardiff Roath Park & Treherbert Rainfall Totals: stithiansweather.co.uk/november-1929-cardiff-roath-park-treherbert-rainfall-totals/ (1993 Fax copy from Cardiff Weather)


11th July, 1921: From the Lancashire Daily Post: stithiansweather.co.uk/11-july-1921-from-the-lancashire-daily-post/

Falmouth Observatory Photograph (Western Terrace). (Courtesy of and with many thanks to Sheila Bird, taken from her book ‘Bygone Falmouth’): stithiansweather.co.uk/falmouth-observatory-photograph/