Newspaper Cuttings

This is a section covering newspaper cuttings over the years regarding various ‘weather events’ in reverse (newest to oldest) date order.

As in previous information sheets, I apologise if the pages are ‘vertical’ as opposed to the preferred ‘horizontal’ format due to technical issues! These are two ‘Packet’ reports dated 1st February, 2012 & 8th February, 2012 respectively. This incident was observed, (completely independently and unknown to each other) both by myself and Mr. Nigel Trewin. It occurred at between 2100Z & 2103Z on Thursday, 26th January, 2012. It should be noted that I first reported this sighting to the reporting website – (this is no longer in operation). I was then contacted by the Packet by telephone and I explained exactly what I saw. In fact, they slightly mis-reported this! I firstly saw this object at 2100Z approaching from above Tremenheere Farm, (which is directly to the north of us). It then commenced to come directly southwards to be completely above us at around 2101Z. It then curved around (and tilted to reveal it’s very powerful ‘halogen’ type lights, which had a backlight effect to ‘light up’ in a yellowish/orange hue, it’s superstructure) and then gradually moved off to the eastnortheast before disappearing behind some low cloud (at about 20 degrees above the horizon) at around 2103Z. In over a total of 50 years of observing, I have never ever seen anything like this before. I have also not seen anything like this since this date! And, needless to say, I am looking at the sky all of the time! Incidentally, this was not a ‘chinese lantern’ or the ‘International Space Station’ just in case anyone was wondering! (Please refer to the January 2012 monthly data sheet on here to see the full details!) Article from ‘The Independent’ dated 11th December, 1997. (Originally supplied by Weathernet) Thursday, November 13th, 1997 – West Briton Report – (Refers to Saturday, 8th November, 1997). This is the tornado that ripped through Ponsanooth! Thursday, 11th December, 1997 – West Briton Report – (Refers to Thursday, 13th November, 1997). These are the funnel clouds which were observed from the A30! This is a report from the ‘Leader’ newspaper concerning the rescue of 3 men in a boat off of the Spanish coast in a storm of 28th-29th September, 1991. This is a report from the ‘Weekly News’ from Sheffield dated 11th March, 1978 regarding a lightning bolt that destroyed T.V. sets in the Wincobank area of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, U.K. This is a report from the Falmouth Packet which refers to a mini-whirlwind that affected Maenporth beach on the previous Friday. This is an article from the West Briton regarding the storm and sea tragedy which occurred on 12th March, 1976. This Falmouth Packet article refers to the thunderstorms and floods which affected the Penryn and Falmouth areas on 7th July, 1975. (Fortunately, we do not seem to get intense thunderstorms like this nowadays!) This is a report from the ‘Sun’ dated 3rd June, 1975. Can we get snow in June? Yes, we can! This is an article from The Times regarding heavy rain in the West Country on 29th July, 1969. This is a small newspaper cutting detailing the long history of the Falmouth Observatories. This is an article published in the Falmouth Packet in 1991 by Trelawny. It details the Great Blizzard which affected most areas of the South West on March 9th, 1891. (This was a terrible blizzard which was also written about in a book titled ‘The Blizzard of ’91’ written by Clive Carter and published in 1971 by David & Charles, Newton Abbot) This is the second part of the article (as shown above) in the ‘Falmouth Packet’ by Trelawny detailing the Great Blizzard of 1891.